Who Am I and How Can We Work Together?

 I am a licensed psychologist (PSY25679) with more than 18 years experience providing psychological services to children, families, and adult individuals.  I have worked in various settings ranging from community mental health agencies to higher education.  In recent years, my professional interests have been focused on strengthening families and helping individuals create positive and affirming relationships at work and at home. I have also worked as a consultant to organizations that wanted to foster an emotionally healthful environment for their staff.
Working with many different people in various ways has given me an appreciation for the ebbs and flows of life. My approach is to figure out what you do well so you can use those gifts to get you through the difficult times. We will not focus all of our attention on  what's wrong with you ("labeling you").   You have many things that are "right" about you. These are the building blocks of your brighter future.
 I will assist you in problem-solving and understanding yourself so you can get your needs met in your relationships.   My role is to be a witness and guide for your journey. Along the way, I will offer helpful tools to help you accomplish your goals in your relationships, at home, and work.
Often people just need to be heard and understood. Talking to someone who can listen closely and help you shift your vision so you can more clearly see your goals is one of the best ways to discover your best and happiest self.  Working with me should not be the end of your journey to emotional health and well-being, it should be a beginning. I will also help you find other resources to enhance your life as we work together and after we have ended.
There are four distinct phases to our work together.  Here's what you can expect:
  • Phase 1: Getting To Know Each Other This process seems simple, but it can be hard for some to share their insecurities and worries with someone they have just met. This "getting to know you" process is so important that I am willing to take as much time as is needed for it to occur. This phase of our work includes: hearing your concerns, learning about your preferred or most used coping strategies, and also gathering information about how your experiences in significant relationships have shaped who you are today.
  • Phase2: Planning For Change After we have learned more about your concerns, we can start to make a plan that will lead to the change you desire.  We may spend time revising the plan as you meet small goals or learn more about other issues that need our attention.  The plan is yours to adjust when you see fit to do so.
  • Phase 4: The Work  Work will do may take many forms. This phase may include talking about things that have been troubling you so you can become more aware of what needs to change.  You will try new coping skills that fit your current life circumstances.  You will get the most out of our work together by practicing what you learn in our meetings.  The practice may happen when we meet together or when you go back home, work, or to other significant relationships.  Each person is different so we will approach this phase in a manner that is most fitting for you.
  • Phase 4: Completion-Your New Beginning In our work we will have increased your insight into yourself,  improved your communication skills, and strengthened your relationships.  As we reach the close of our work, we will ensure you feel confident about your new skills and have started taking action to create the lasting change that will allow you to feel better and more happy about the things that used to cause you concern.  We will also discuss the use of future consultations or "check-ups" and "fine tuning" that will be useful for reinforcing or modifying your new ways of thinking and behaviors.
         Hope and support will move you in the direction you want to go!

Contact Me

  • (415)222-2222
  • 57 Post Street, Suite 813 San Francisco, CA 94104
  • yourbestself@drrosesneed.com



  •       Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is intended to reduce feelings of emotional distress and help you return to a level of functioning in your life that is ideal for you.  Sometimes the emotional distress may be caused by life stressors such as transitions in relationships or at work. However, some distress is connected to a mental health disorder.  In our initial meetings, we will spend time learning about your concerns and creating a plan to help you feel better.  This kind of work may take four to six sessions, but it is necessary if we are going to see the clearest path to your well-being.

  • Individual Consultation

You may think you would just like to share some of your relationship or other life stressors in one or two sessions, and then get concrete advice about the best next steps to take to address them.  I can also give you recommendations about other directions you might want to pursue such as more long-term mental health treatment or adding other kinds of social and emotional supports to you life.

  • Parent Consultation and Coaching

Parents often have a set of unique concerns that require specific strategies to improve their relationships with their children and manage their sometimes challenging behaviors.  We may have brief consultation sessions just to trouble-shoot minor issues that come up as you are trying suggestions I have recommended.  If your difficulties with your child have been going on for quite a while or they are very complex, coaching sessions may be more appropriate.  This series of coaching sessions may take six to eight sessions.

  • Consultation and Coaching for Organizations

Success and growth in organizations is closely connected to how well the individuals in them work together.  Sometimes work teams struggle to communicate clearly, adapt to changes, and these difficulties can cause team leaders to feel burned out and exhausted.  Leaders need someone to talk to who understands their vision for their staff and the overall health of their company or agency.  Consultation or in-depth coaching can assist leaders in learning to guide their teams so they see the most desirable outcomes in their performance.  Leaders usually want their staff or their work to reflect their positive influence. By taking time out to reflect with someone else, leaders will better understand how they can change in  order to  build thriving and motivated work teams.  Consultation may take place on an as needed basis, and coaching sessions will be offered in a series, which will be tailored to fit your busy schedule.

  • Clinical Supervision and Consultation

Those who are in the field of mental health may find themselves in search of someone to help them think through difficult issues that may arise when they are delivering services.  I can provide on-going supervision to master's and doctoral level clinicians and counselors who would like to explore their cases in-depth or to accrue supervised hours for licensure. I can also offer case consultation, as needed.

While there are time estimates for each type of service, everyone is unique. You may need more meetings to attend to your concerns or less.  We will make the decision together about a realistic time-line for our work.

What Will You Find?

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